Researchers suggest that many of us remember.....

What we READ


What We HEAR


What We SEE


What We discuss with others


What we Experience by Doing




Based on that DWARAKESH VIDHYASHRAM SCHOOL promises of comprehensive and holistic education through a developmental approach; modern methodologies are employed to enable learning. The following methodologies are a departure from the traditional rote learning that is in vogue in most schools. The syllabus for each grade is structured; the teachers have the autonomy and flexibility to design the curriculum. The governing team assists and support teachers and the choice of materials and methodology. It is also the former’s responsibility to shape and integrate online-offline learning as well as the formal and informal curriculum. We recognize the individual students have different intelligence. It’s logical to allow them to develop their individual talents for top most level through methods like this:

  • Student-Centric learning
  • Project-based studies
  • Creativity
  • Learning to learn anywhere, any place and any time
  • Play Way Method
Witty inclusive and special Educational Center(WISE) catering to remedial education of special kids, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, counseling and vocational guidance will serve the children with special needs..

Academic Details